Sunday Workout

Sunday mornings, running through term time.

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Parashat Hashavua – Portion of the Week

The portion of the week means so much more if you have studied it before. Join Rabbi Helen Freeman in the Stourcliffe Mezzanine and bring along a light non-meat lunch. Look forward to seeing you there.

Latest Parashat Hashavua – Portion of the Week Events

Kneading the Kings

With Rabbi David in the Stourcliffe Mezzanine.
Following on from last year’s Joshing and Judging sessions, where we read through the Books of Joshua and Judges, we are delighted to continue the journey… Join us every Friday lunchtime to explore the plots, the twists and the turns of the books of Samuel and Kings for an adult, ‘no holds barred’ discussion of all aspects of this fascinating text (no Hebrew necessary). If you like a good epic, or just a gripping tale, this course has your name on it.

Latest Kneading the Kings Events

Undercurrents of Jewish Prayer

What on earth do the prayers in our service actually mean? Is belief in God, and God’s omnipotence, a prerequisite for authentic Jewish prayer? Is “prayer” even the right word for what is done in a service? Arguably most progressive Jews now consider “prayer” to be THE principal Jewish communal act, more fundamental than study, for example. Yet, whether you embrace it, reject it, or grit your teeth through it, are our assumptions about “it”, about “prayer”, correct? We shall touch upon all these big questions with Rabbi Benji, while exploring key parts of the service, reading the texts, and grappling with Rabbinic conceptions of the liturgy. These sessions are for those who do not come to Synagogue as well as those who do! They may help you to build your own Jewish practice, as well as enriching your communal ritual experiences at WLS. Or in the end, these sessions may just confirm that all this “prayer” stuff is not for you. Come and find out. These can be attended as one-offs or as a course.

Latest Undercurrents of Jewish Prayer Events

Learn to Lein

Have you ever wanted to chant from the Torah? It’s never too late to learn to lein. Mastering the age-old Jewish art of reading the musical cantillation marks will give you new insight into the pace, tone and rhythm of the Torah. It will also help you with Hebrew reading and understanding. This easy-going and enjoyable course is open to all, irrespective of musical ability.

For more information about this programme, please contact Rabbi David ( or 020 7535 0279). The course is free for WLS members and Friends but there is a £50 charge per term for non-members.

Introducing Opportunities for Inter-Faith Dialogue

Scriptural Reasoning is a dynamic and evolving practice in which people of different religious commitments, usually Jews, Christians and Muslims, meet together to read and debate their sacred texts. Scriptural Reasoning allows for inter-faith conversations which are deep and focussed, lively and friendly. Participants can tackle difficult issues through the lens of the text; the goal is not agreement but rather growth in understanding one another’s traditions and deeper exploration of the texts and their possible interpretations.

The evening will consist of a panel presentation to introduce the texts, followed by discussion time in smaller groups and a coffee reception.

For more information about up coming events, please email Nic Schlagman

What is interfaith? Interfaith is a way to build bridges of understanding and knowledge between those of different cultural and religious backgrounds in order to break down prejudices and misunderstandings, working together to create an accepting and inclusive society.

Why get involved?
To meet new and interesting people.
To get to know one’s own faith on a deeper level through engagement with those of different faiths.
To challenge and explore our own preconceived notions of other traditions, particularly in areas of potential conflict.
To develop a local interfaith community.
To come together with other faiths to raise awareness of issues we care about, taking action to balance inequalities and discrimination.

Latest Introducing Opportunities for Inter-Faith Dialogue Events

  • Marylebone Interfaith Service - Nov 15, 2018 6:30 am

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