WLS Green Team

As we celebrate Tu B'shvat - the upcoming festival of Trees - may we appreciate the many ways they support us and the whole earth, by protecting them and even planting a few acorns ourselves.
And yes! There is even an extensive collaboration called The Jewish Energy Guide for at home, in the synagogue and in the community, including focusing on Jewish Holidays as an opportunity to share knowledge of environmental issues and solutions.
In case you missed it last week, here are tips for making this year’s Chanukah more environmentally friendly along with some practical ways to save and conserve energy at home all year round...

Lighting up: Beeswax, vegetable and paraffin-free Hanukkah candles are clean burning and non-toxic. For oil Chanukiahs, use olive oil: just like the Maccabees. Upcycle and make your own chanukiah with materials you find around your house.

Dreidel: Go for a natural-material dreidel from wood, or maybe make it out of clay. And to go with it, Fair Trade Gelt can be bought online.

Ethical Gifts: eCards are the most sustainable cards and Oxfam offers a number of environmental gifts with their eCards. Rewild the world to combat deforestation and offset carbon by planting or dedicating trees as a Chanukah gift this year with: Oblong; Ecologi; Woodland Trust; Trees for Life; Earthly; or Carbonfootprint.

Food: use locally grown, organic, fairtrade and free range. Use the festive opportunity to cut down on meat consumption and replace with seasonal produce. Try vegan latke recipes: regular and beet.

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