Bar/Bat Mitzvah Info

At WLS, all our Bar/Bat Mitzvah (BM) students participate in the Shabbat morning/afternoon service (leading key prayers and reading from the Torah) on their ‘big day’, which usually occurs shortly after their 13th birthday.

We are blessed not just with sizeable BM classes, but also with many years of experience at creating meaningful BM ceremonies. Accordingly, we are able to assist a range of students with varying abilities and needs. Whatever a child can realistically achieve, we want them to do just that, and then slightly exceed their own expectations, so that they feel a real sense of achievement. Even more than that, we want their BM to be one that they will always reflect upon as a positive and empowering Jewish milestone.

There are five requirements for Bar/Bat Mitzvah at WLS:

    • 1) Attendance at a full two years of the BM Programme – BM1 (Year 7) and BM2 (Year 8) Sunday sessions from 10:00-13:00.
    • 2) Attend at least 18 Synagogue services with a parent or relative in the two years preceding a Bar/Bat Mitzvah; at least nine of these must be on Shabbat mornings.
    • 3) Individual tuition lessons.
    • 4) Attendance at Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Support Group (BMFG)

sessions with parent(s) including the termly BM Torah Breakfast.

  • 5) Attendance at the pre-Bar/Bar Mitzvah VISION Residential weekend.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to meet all of these requirements, then you will need to meet with Rabbis Julia and David to negotiate how best you can do so.

Most importantly, for us, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is only the first step. We endeavour for every young member to WANT to stay on and participate in all the educational and communal activities which we make available to them, particularly the TRIPOD programme, trips, and the Kabbalat Torah programme.

Please click here to download the BM Guide for detailed information which will help you, as a family, to focus on your Bar or Bat Mitzvah as a religious and spiritual rite of passage. If you have any questions, please contact Gil Reshef, Head of Education, on 020 7535 260.