A celebration of the vocal traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism. The concert features:

  • The Zemel Choir
  • The Professional Choir of West London Synagogue
  • The Lloyd’s Choir
  • The London International Gospel Choir
  • Musicians from the Hindu Temple in Neasden

Conductors Benjamin Wolf, Richard Hills, Jacques Cohen, Nina Rosenberger

The Interfaith Song Festival:
London is a world city, home to many different faiths and ethnicities. It provides safety and prosperity for a diverse global population. Preserving this existence requires an active effort on the part of the people of London. Recent events make clear the importance of providing safe spaces for shared culture and the forging of a shared identity. Music provides one means of creating this kind of safe space. Our contribution is an interfaith festival that focusses on the human voice – Faithful Voices. We launched this festival in 2022, and are now returning for the second festival in 2024, in which we partner with musicians from different faith backgrounds for performances in synagogues and churches.

The festival includes a Come and Sing event and two concerts featuring both amateur and professional ensembles. The music performed represents aspects of Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism.

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