WLS Jewish Adult Education programme with our diverse team of Rabbis and guest teachers, covering various topics from Jewish Folklore to Judaism & Feminism. For all ages and open to all.

Wednesdays from 7.00pm online via Zoom.

WLS Members: Free
Non-Members: £15 per course, £5 for one-off special sessions OR ‘learn as much as you can’ for £95 for the whole year - payment in advance.

Rabbi Helen Freeman – RHF
Rabbi David Mitchel – RDM
Rabbi Emily Y. Reitsma-Jurman - RERJ
Rabbi Judith Levitt - RJL
Student Rabbi Matthew Turchin - SRMT
Stephen Moss - SM
Jonathan Boyd - JB
Mark Fox - MA
Siobhan Allen - SA



Tales of the Chassidim Part 2
Exploring additional Chassidic Tales to the first course. We will look at the stories of the Baal Shem Tov and show how they made Judaism more accessible and joyous. We will also delve into their deeper and hidden meaning as well as their context. You do not have to have attended Part 1 in order to join this course and gain something from this different set of Tales.

“Heschel’s metaphorical language and the non-linear organization of his books and essays deliberately challenge our usual manner of perceiving the world.” Kaplan
The writings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel can be confusing to decipher. However what is there is both challenging and uplifting. Rabbi Judith will guide you through the texts. In this course we will delve into a range of Heschel’s writings. We will also explore how he tried to reconcile the seemingly opposing views of the Kotzker Rebbe and the Baal Shem Tov.