Why engage in Jewish learning at all? We all come to adult learning for different reasons, and part of the magic of learning as an adult is the diversity of motive and experience. In the 21st century the traditional hierarchies of teachers and students do not work in the same way, not least because we have our own means of access to information and knowledge like never before. 

The Lyons Learning Project developed during the 175th anniversary of West London Synagogue. The synagogue received a very generous legacy, which was disbursed among various beneficiaries. Out of some of this money the Lyons Learning Project was founded. The name is taken from the legator who remembered us in her will. 

At The Lyons Learning Project we are committed to building communal conversations about Judaism and Jewish life. We want you to know something about your Judaism, to develop skills and understanding, but we also want you to think deeply about what all of that means for us as Jews today in an ever changing world. 

If we are to answer the question of why we should be Jewish, what kind of Judaism we want to exist and transmit, and how we can live lives enriched and fulfilled by Judaism, then we need to be learning, talking and thinking. The Lyons Learning Project seeks to offer transformative educational experiences, increase Jewish literacy and a commitment to Jewish life. If that sounds like something in which you are interested then please join us. 

Visit www.lyonslearning.org.uk for more information.