A once fertile and lush land becomes desolate and “cannot be sown, nor sprout, and no grass shall rise up upon it". The people of Sodom lived in excess without helping the poor and needy. Poverty has played a major role in environmental degradation across the world. Moral behavior and environmental behavior both go hand in hand. Sodom's fall teaches us to live in balance by preserving our natural environment and maintaining the welfare of all people. The Poverty-Environment Initiative links between poverty eradication and the environment.

At the EcoSynagogue event on 10th October “Carbon Zero: If Not Now When”, OLAM, the network of Jewish & Israeli international development, humanitarian aid and global volunteering NGOs was a featured organisation and on 3rd and 4th November, OLAM will hold its sixth annual Focal Point conference. Funders, practitioners, Jewish communal leaders, rabbis, volunteer program alumni are invited to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the fields of international development, humanitarian aid, and global service. Together, we will examine how we can deepen Jewish communal commitment to global issues. Sign up here. Graham Carpenter of OLAM will be one of our panelists at the WLS Eco Panel on Monday 8th November – more details to follow.