Daily and Shabbat Services


Friday: Erev Shabbat Service at 6.00pm
Saturday: Shabbat Morning Service at 11.00am


Shabbat Shira
On the first and third Friday evening of the month.
This is a less formal version of the Friday evening service. The rabbi is accompanied by a group of musicians. “Shira” means singing and the emphasis is on a vibrant, participatory service with lots of singing and modern music. There is no sermon.

ShabbaTots Service
Saturday mornings during term time, from 10.30am.
Our Shabbat morning services are informal and fun, with English and Hebrew songs, accompanied by guitar and ukulele, and percussion instruments for children to join in. The Rabbis join us for Kiddush.

Festival Services


Email yomtov@wls.org.uk for ZOOM details


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

At WLS, all our Bar/Bat Mitzvah (BM) students participate in the Shabbat morning/afternoon service (leading key prayers and reading from the Torah) on their ‘big day’, which usually occurs shortly after their 13th birthday.

We are blessed not just with sizeable BM classes, but also with many years of experience at creating meaningful BM ceremonies. Accordingly, we are able to assist a range of students with varying abilities and needs.

Whatever a child can realistically achieve, we want them to do just that, and then slightly exceed their own expectations, so that they feel a real sense of achievement. Even more than that, we want their BM to be one that they will always reflect upon as a positive and empowering Jewish milestone.

Family Services

Join us as the families take over the main sanctuary for a family-orientated Shabbat Service with singing and readings by the children of Religion School.
This is a very popular and relaxed service for families. BM students are especially invited to join us for the service, which counts towards their attendance sessions.


The West London Synagogue Chevra Kaddisha

When a death has actually occurred, the first step in arranging the funeral is to contact the West London Synagogue. The Ritual Service Co-ordinator (sometimes known as the Sexton in other organisations) is there to provide whatever practical assistance and support you need in making the funeral arrangements. Please feel free to ask for help or advice. Although we are principally a Burial Society (chevra kaddisha) for our Members, we do also arrange funerals for others of the Jewish faith, in particular those who wish to be buried in one of our Cemeteries.

For more information contact: Micky Nathanson, Ritual Services Co-ordinator, on 020 7535 0284.


Edgwarebury Cemetery

Is owned by the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation, West London Synagogue of British Jews, Liberal Judaism and Belsize Square Synagogue and is operated by Edgwarebury Joint Burial Board (EJBB). The day-to-day running of the cemetery is in the hands of the Cemetery Director and his team of staff. Edgwarebury Cemetery is open during British Summer Time from 8.30am-5.00pm and from 8.30am-4.00pm after the last weekend in October, when the clocks go back. The cemetery does close, however, two hours prior to the commencement of a Jewish holiday and the Sabbath on a Friday, so during winter the cemetery can shut as early as 1.15pm.

Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery

is owned by the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation and West London Synagogue of British Jews and is operated by the Joint Burial Committee (JBC). Owing to the historic nature of the grounds, the pathways are not always level and the grounds themselves are uneven, so please take extra care, especially in the wet. Hoop Lane opening times are the same as those for Edgwarebury.

For more information contact: Micky Nathanson, Ritual Services Co-ordinator, on 020 7535 0284.