West London Synagogue is a wonderful place for young families, who are a growing, energetic section of our community.


Our Shabbat morning services are informal and fun, with English and Hebrew songs, accompanied by guitar and ukulele, and percussion instruments for children to join in.

The Rabbis join us for Kiddush.

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Family Services

Join us as the families take over the main sanctuary for a family-orientated Shabbat Service with singing and readings by the children of Religion School.
This is a very popular and relaxed service for families. BM students are especially invited to join us for the service, which counts towards their attendance sessions.

Religion School

Shalom and welcome to West London Religion School. We are a large and busy school with more than 180 children enrolled, aged from 4 to 18. We are overseen by the Head of Education, Gil Reshef.

Religion School starts at 10am and finishes at 12.30pm. We have a 30 week term. We also offer residentials, family and tot services, family fun days and much, much more.

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WLS members only – Online Enrolment Forms for school year 5780 (2019/2020)


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

At WLS, all our Bar/Bat Mitzvah (BM) students participate in the Shabbat morning/afternoon service (leading key prayers and reading from the Torah) on their ‘big day’, which usually occurs shortly after their 13th birthday.

We are blessed not just with sizeable BM classes, but also with many years of experience at creating meaningful BM ceremonies. Accordingly, we are able to assist a range of students with varying abilities and needs.

Whatever a child can realistically achieve, we want them to do just that, and then slightly exceed their own expectations, so that they feel a real sense of achievement. Even more than that, we want their BM to be one that they will always reflect upon as a positive and empowering Jewish milestone.

Youth Clubs

At West London Synagogue we have a very full youth calendar which ranges from one-off youth events such as: Jr. Master Chef, fun days out; horse riding or bowling, and play schemes throughout the year. Our Winter February and Summer schemes include programming in house as well as taking advantage of the fantastic activities London has to offer. We also have regular Sunday youth clubs for young people aged 4-15.

For more information, contact Gil Reshef on 020 7535 0260.


West London Synagogue aims to keep in touch with as many of its students as possible while being a ‘home away from home’ for any students studying in London. We have regular Student Dinners on particular themes to provide students with networking opportunities and, we hope, give them some support on the journey ahead. In addition, our rabbinic team travel around the country visiting our students on campuses.


Open Arts Café

Open Arts Café was established in 2008 by Maya Levy and Tyne Rafaeli to give artists a chance to present their work in developmental and/or performance stage in a non-pressurised, dynamic and constructive atmosphere. Open Arts Café is committed to maintaining a high artistic standard by continually challenging both the artists and the audience and creating a forum for inventiveness, experimentation and growth.

It’s a monthly themed arts evening giving artists from all media a chance to present new and original work at various stages of development.

Music, theatre, film, puppetry, poetry, visual arts, dance, acrobatics

Open Arts Café is one of London’s best nights out, with a fun, intimate and generous atmosphere. All are welcome, most like to stay late.

These are donation-only events, with wine and bites provided. The donations are given to the artists involved.

For more information, email

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