Eretz Programme

West London Synagogue’s popular ERETZ Programme is designed to keep the community in touch with Israel through a variety of bespoke events. Throughout the year, we present a variety of opportunities for you, ranging from talks and discussions, to cultural events, and not forgetting our annual Yom Ha’atzmaut Oneg, celebrating Israel’s Independence.

These events have continued to attract large regular audiences on line throughout the pandemic. In fact, an unexpected consequence of going online has seen a wider range of people joining us for events, who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to attend physical events

Inevitably, going on line - especially for our monthly film screenings - Kolnoa WLS - has increased our costs through, for example, more expensive on line licensing fees etc.

We would be grateful if you you would consider making a donation  to the ERETZ Programme - however modest - to help defray these costs during lockdown and help us maintain our planning for future events.

With grateful thanks in advance.