The Warden's post is held for three years, and entails “sitting in the box” most Friday evenings and Shabbat mornings. 

The current Wardens are appointed by outgoing Wardens in collaboration with the Rabbis and are the interface between the Rabbinate and the congregation. In effect, they represent the congregation, and are able to make their views known on matters such as ritual, and the general direction of the synagogue in terms of policies and values - even taking a place on the synagogue’s Board of Directors and Trustees in their third year of office.

It is a wonderful honour to be asked to be a Warden. It is not for everyone, but Wardens past and present seems to agree that it is a very worthwhile and rewarding experience. Maybe it is something you feel you could do? If you would like to know more, please approach one of the current sitting wardens when you are next in synagogue.


                              Steven Rowe
Liliane Chan (Co Senior Warden)                   Steven Rowe (Co Senior Warden)

Monica Jankel (Co Middle Warden)     William Campos-Ortega (Co Middle Warden)

Emma Levinson (Co Junior Warden)            Simon Raperport (Co Junior Warden)

Click here for the list of Wardens from 1842-2019