Our Mission

We are a lively, active, inclusive community of progressive Jews. We welcome everyone, from everywhere around the globe, and we provide varied Shabbat and festival services, formal and informal alike, family services, tots’ services and many social activities. Many people who are seeking to become Jewish choose West London, and our services are easy to follow whatever your background. We are also deeply committed to social action, and run a drop-in for asylum seekers once a month and a night shelter for homeless people once a week, and are exploring more and more ways to work with others in our local community to provide help to the most needy. We work closely with local churches and other communal organisations, and rejoice in our interfaith activities, especially where we can work together on particular projects.

Our goal is to provide an exciting and spiritually nourishing Jewish life for everyone of all ages, from religious services to social action, from community activities to study and learning, from religion school to youth clubs and everything else besides. And we aim to include as many people as we can, young and old alike, in our volunteering within and beyond the community. At West London Synagogue, there really is something for everyone, and we want to inspire, welcome and serve all those who enter our doors.