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We want to offer new and prospective members a choice of ways in which to find a comfortable place for themselves within West London Synagogue.



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There is a well-known aphorism in the ‘Sayings of the Sages’ about the core values of Judaism - ‘The world is preserved because of three things: Torah, worship and deeds of loving kindness’.




West London Synagogue welcomes anyone with the right motivation, who is considering becoming a ‘Jew by choice’.



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Volunteers are in touch with elderly and isolated members wherever they live


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  • New Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme

    Weekly sessions will explore the history of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the importance of making the Torah relevant in each era, the essentials of Progressive Jewish identity, as well as focusing on some of the core preparations for the synagogue ceremony. Read more

  • Purim Drag Bingo After Party!

    No Purim spent at Shushan's Got Talent is complete without a Drag Bingo After Party and this year is no exception! Read more

Latest news

  • Rabbi Gershon's Thought for the Week

    “ShabbaTots can help bring the entire family closer to the WLS community and to Jewish traditions observed in a fun, progressive, and interesting way. " Read more

  • Welcome Rabbi Emily

    We are delighted to announce that Rabbi Emily Reitsma-Jurman joined us over the weekend as our new Associate Rabbi. Read more

  • Green Team Update

    "The Environmental Audit is WLS’s starting point on a pathway to improving its relationship with the environment across a social, religious, sociological and advocacy perspective." Read more