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We want to offer new and prospective members a choice of ways in which to find a comfortable place for themselves within West London Synagogue.



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There is a well-known aphorism in the ‘Sayings of the Sages’ about the core values of Judaism - ‘The world is preserved because of three things: Torah, worship and deeds of loving kindness’.




West London Synagogue welcomes anyone with the right motivation, who is considering becoming a ‘Jew by choice’.



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Volunteers are in touch with elderly and isolated members wherever they live


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Religion School


Families supported by our

Drop-In on a regular basis


Latest news

  • Rabbi Gershon's Thought for the Week

    "Living as we are with the reality of unprecedented challenges and reduced expectations, younger people might be encouraged to know that, although the pandemic-induced challenges they are suffering are real and some of them might never be ameliorated, their lives are far from over. " Read more

  • New Associate Rabbi

    Andrew Stone, Chairman, announces the appointment of Emily Reitsma-Jurman as the Synagogue's new Associate Rabbi. Read more

  • Whilst in Lockdown...

    More information on who you can contact while our building is close, as well as our Covid-19 Awareness & Preparedness Booklet. Read more