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We want to offer new and prospective members a choice of ways in which to find a comfortable place for themselves within West London Synagogue.



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There is a well-known aphorism in the ‘Sayings of the Sages’ about the core values of Judaism - ‘The world is preserved because of three things: Torah, worship and deeds of loving kindness’.




West London Synagogue welcomes anyone with the right motivation, who is considering becoming a ‘Jew by choice’.



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Volunteers are in touch with elderly and isolated members wherever they live


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Religion School


Families supported by our

Drop-In on a regular basis


  • Tea and Conversation with Nicci Gerrard

    "After her own father's death from dementia, the writer and campaigner Nicci Gerrard set out to explore the illness that now touches millions of us, yet which we still struggle to speak about." Read more

  • WLS Zoom Havdalah

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Latest news

  • Rabbi Gershon's Thought for the Week

    ‘The idea that we learn something “off by heart” is not just a phrase but a reality, because our hearts change as we incorporate language and culture not just into our awareness but into our being.’ Read more

  • Religion School Teacher Vacancy

    WLS Religion School is looking for teachers to join our amazing team from September. Read more

  • Environmental Impact Update

    "This tree planting experience is a means of introducing the our young members to the importance of conservation work and sustainability." Read more