Rabbi David:
The year was 1941. People travelled from all across London to attend the Shabbat service. The stained glass windows of the Sanctuary were either blacked-out or boarded up. Air raid sirens rang across the city. And yet, the faithful congregants of the West London Synagogue of British Jews were not to be deterred by the Blitz; their resilience was admirable. They were determined not to let the Nazis and their antisemitism stop them from practicing their Judaism within their spiritual home. During heavy aerial bombardments, services were relocated to the Stern Hall, but, more often than not, prayers went ahead in the Sanctuary,with the rumbles of war ricocheting off the walls. Such was the dedication of those who came before us, that, come what may, they were going to stand in their synagogue and pray for King, country, and loved ones serving on the frontline. It is in honour of that remarkable wartime spirit, commemorating their courage, that we must come together this Saturday morning, poppies on our chests, to mark Remembrance Shabbat, at exactly 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month.

Stephen Moss:
At this challenging time, we know how important it is to be together as a community. In recent years, our moving Remembrance Shabbat has seen a significant drop in attendance as we lose more and more veterans. This Shabbat is the first time in many years that we are marking Armistice Day on a Saturday. We have a bugler and wartime songs; we will be joined by members of AJEX and the Deputy Mayor of Westminster; we will have a standard bearer, and the lowering of the synagogue wartime flag during our long Roll of Honour. It is such a moving service and if there is any way that you can join us, we know that your presence will be much appreciated. If you are able to attend, please arrive before 10.30am because we will head into the Sanctuary just after 10.45am in good time for the two minute silence.

Rabbi David:
In 1941 we stood in our synagogue.
In 2023 we will do the same.
Together, we will remember those who gave their today for our tomorrow.
Yizkor - May God remember them.

Shabbat Shalom