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Our congregation has almost 3000 members, and is growing. We have a diverse membership which lives mainly in London (not just Central London, but Greater London). Some of our families are 7th generation members, whilst others arrived but a few years ago, yet all have become deeply engaged with communal life. 

We want to offer new and prospective members a choice of ways in which to find a comfortable place for themselves within West London SynagogueWe have a personalised approach – each person is different, and we are interested in you and your ritual, cultural and spiritual needs. Notably, dual heritage families are very welcome as Members, individuals interested in forming a link with the community but not qualifying for membership are very welcome as Friends.

There are many ways to become involved with communal life and to become acquainted with other congregants. During your first months, we hope to get to know you so that we can introduce you to the most relevant programmes, groups, volunteering opportunities and classes. Above all else, we strive to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere in which you can expand and explore your Jewish life. As you engage with your fellow congregants, you will not only grow your Jewish experience, but will also strengthen the community itself, bringing in your own ideas and interests and experience and skills. 

A note to LGBT+ applicants for membership: Progressive (Reform and Liberal) Judaism has long been a home for LGBTQ+ Jews. At WLS, we are proud of our diverse community and our strong record of championing equality. Our annual calendar of events includes a Pride Shabbat and LGBTQ+ social events, and at any service, event or class there will be other LGBTQ+ members, including our own staff. We don’t just want to be LGBTQ+ welcoming, we aim to be fully inclusive throughout every section of communal life. If you are new to West London Synagogue and would like to be connected with other LGBTQ+ members, please contact Jenny Browning. 

No matter what brought you to us, we do hope that you will choose to join – to help with that decision, please do call Membership Coordinator, Ronit Wang on 020 7535 0285.  

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