West London Synagogue welcomes those who are interested in becoming a ‘Jew by Choice’ to take the next step by contacting our community

West London Synagogue welcomes those who would like to explore the possibility of converting to Judaism via the Beth Din of the Reform Movement. It is a life-changing choice, and so the first step is to start attending our services for a few weeks before meeting Rabbi Helen Freeman, our Co-Senior Rabbi for a formal interview.  The interview allows a candidate for conversion to talk through their life’s journey with Rabbi Helen, and to discuss whether our course is the right choice for their Jewish future. Because it is a profound and personal life decision, a candidate should expect to be asked about their own background and present circumstances. There are three possible starting points to the course each year, so a candidate may be put down on the waiting list, or directed elsewhere if that is more suitable for their own Jewish journey.

It is a pleasure and a privilege for our rabbis to sponsor candidates through the Jewish Preparation course.  Each candidate should meet with their sponsoring rabbi at least once a term. Becoming a part of the West London community and participating in its events is a vital part of the ‘Jews by Choice’ experience, and we aim to match up each candidate with a ‘buddy’ who can help and advise and befriend them through the process. Male candidates are expected to undergo Brit Milah (circumcision) unless exempted for medical reasons.

As they approach the end of their course, they should meet again with their sponsoring rabbi for a final interview. They will then be sent to the Beth Din (rabbinic court) where they will talk about their Jewish journey in front of three rabbis. Assuming all goes well, they will go to the mikveh (ritual bath)  and then be welcomed back at West London Synagogue with an admission service. Because other candidates are being referred to the Beth Din from Reform Synagogues all over the country, it is impossible to predict when our candidates will be given a diary slot.  For that reasons it is important for those who plan a chuppah (Jewish wedding) to wait until after the Beth Din before setting a date.

For more information about joining our conversion programme, please contact Adi Ben-Naim on 020 7535 0275.