Religion School

We want our students to reflect on who they want to be, not just what they want to be, and we believe that our educational programme should provide them with the tools with which to make these decisions. Our curriculum evolves with the students as they grow up, each year confronting them with more challenging questions, wider topics and deeper concepts.  

We aim to be the cutting-edge synagogue for Jewish education and Hebrew studies. We place a lot of emphasis on using modern, enjoyable, engaging and innovative teaching methods and we always work hard to stimulate discussions and encourage creative thinking and dialogue, exploring the connection between Jewish ethics and modern living. 

  • Religion School

Our Religion School is a large and vibrant school with more than 180 children enrolled each year, from age 4 to 18. The Religion School is overseen by the Head of Education, Gil Reshef.

Religion School starts at 10am and finishes at 12.30pm on Sundays, around 30 weeks a year.  

Religion School also offers residential courses, Hebrew tutoring, Festival celebrations, community class projects, music lessons and much, much more. 

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme

Our School is not just about preparing our students for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. It’s about the bigger and more important experience of being a part of a community family, of being a part of a group with shared values and culture, and about having Jewish friends. This is why, in addition to Jewish Studies and Hebrew, we focus on the social aspect of learning, and working throughout the year to strengthen students’ friendships and strengthen their identity as a group.  

We believe that becoming a Jewish adult is about being a caring, responsible and socially aware human being. This is why, as part of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme we encourage our students to reflect on their lives, appreciate what they have, and to accept their adulthood by taking on a personal Social Action project.  

  • Teen Programme and GCSE in Religious Studies

Students who take part in our new Teen Programme will have the opportunity of taking a GCSE in Religious Studies, taught by Rabbis and Student Rabbis.  

The programme includes three main parts – Jewish Studies, Interfaith and Social Action. 

The programme also includes a Hadracha (leadership) course, and a certificate is awarded. Upon completion of the course, students can join the team as Assistant Teachers and receive a reference letter for their university applications. 

We place much emphasis on the social aspects of the programme and we want to ensure that the programme is enjoyable and significant for our students – this includes international trips, fun days and volunteering days.



Contact Us

Gil Reshef - 020 7535 0260
Head of Education - Religion School, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Programme, Teen Programme and GCSE, and Jewish Preparation programme. 
Adi Ben-Naim - 020 7535 0291  
Education Administrator - supports and manages all Religion School and Youth matters.