Why Volunteer

There is a well-known aphorism in the ‘Sayings of the Sages’ about the core values of Judaism - ‘The world is preserved because of three things: Torah, worship and deeds of loving kindness 

For West London Synagogue as a community family, our Volunteering Programme is where we offer deeds of loving kindness. A large number of our members, enrich their Jewish lives by volunteering for different aspects of our communal life. For some people, it is volunteering at our Drop-In Centre providing support to needy asylum seekers, whilst for others it could be helping at our Winter Night Shelter providing food and warm shelter for people without homes. It might also be visiting housebound or sick members of the community, driving senior members to the monthly tea parties, organising events, mentoring staff, acting as Warden or Beadle. These are just some of the many volunteering opportunities we offer. These are life-enhancing opportunities both for the volunteers, as well as for those who may be at that stage in their lives when help is needed.  

In order to comply with safeguarding guidelines, all of our volunteers will attend a training programme before they begin, and will be cleared by the DBS process (Disclosure and Barring Service, a legal requirement for everyone who works with children or with vulnerable adults). Part of the training is to help develop your listening skills, and to help you gain an understanding of other vital areas such as confidentiality and boundaries, as well as the setting of realistic goals so that both volunteer and those they interact with feel happy and secure. 

Volunteers may also attend further training sessions run by our Social Care and Social Action teams. These teams are there to offer support and expert advice, to ensure that the process is enriching for all concerned, but also that activities are documented, and needs are met