Eretz Programme

‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem’ - Psalm 122:6

Holy One of blessing, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all of Israel, for those who live there and those who love her.  May they be protected from this escalation of violence, from the missiles that rain down on their homes and schools , the rioters that attack their cities and the fear of their families as they are forced to run to their shelters and safe rooms.

Guard them from harm and give them hope as they look to a future when their children can go to school without fear, lay down in peace and look towards a new day without the risk of terror attacks.

We pray for a time when Israelis and Palestinians will look towards each other as neighbours and not as enemies, when we can truly say with the psalmist ‘Behold how good it is and how pleasant, for people to dwell together in unity.’ (Psalm 133:1)