For US Taxpayers – the West London Synagogue Friends Fund at CAF America

We are extremely grateful for the continued, generous support that we receive from our members. Donations large and small continue to ensure that our role, especially in the essential areas of religious services, education, social action and social care, can continue to grow and serve the community for many years ahead. General donations together with funds from our annual Patrons Scheme ensure that we can also maintain the fabric of our beautiful synagogue, ensuring that it is appropriately cared for and improved where necessary. For such an historic building, this is a costly enterprise which cannot be supported by membership subscriptions alone.  
Through donations, we have been able to continue to enhance the scale, scope and quality of the services provided by our Social Care Team, who take care of our vulnerable members, including the elderly, those who are lonely, isolated or sick.  
Additionally, our Social Action Team helps hundreds of destitute asylum seekers through our regular Asylum Seeker Drop-In, and we support the homeless with our Winter Night Shelter. Both of these projects involve hundreds of volunteers from within our community family.  
We stand up against intolerance by continuing to be a leading light in interfaith activity, with close relationships with communities of other faiths and none. We have a vibrant LGBTQ+ Programme with active involvement in Pride and many other such initiatives, with one of the largest group of LGBTQ+ in any UK synagogue.  
Without the generous and far-sighted support of our valued donors, none of this would be possible.  

We do advise all our donors that the synagogue will retain in its general overhead costs, 10% of each donation, to cover the expenses of administering, supporting and making effective the relevant project.