For US Taxpayers – the West London Synagogue Friends Fund at CAF America

The last time the Sanctuary was redecorated was in the late 1990s, and as most members will have noticed, it is in a poor state of repair. This year we are celebrating 150 years of our building and 180 years of our congregation and hoping to finish the last chunk of major refurbishment on the whole synagogue campus.

The final stage of the specialist stone conservation work will get underway before the end of the year, having been funded by congregants through the High Holy Day appeal. 

We have also upgraded the lighting in the Sanctuary last year, thanks to the generous involvement of one of our members, and we are in the process of completing the exterior brickwork restoration that has to be undertaken in order to ensure that the ceiling repairs will last for many years to come. 

The largest stained-glass window was repaired a few years ago, but there are several others that now need attention. Overall, the project will cost close on £500,000 but I am pleased to say that we have already raised over £300,000 towards it. We are currently endeavouring to raise the balance, so any support that members can give us through a donation to the building fund would be hugely appreciated.

We do advise all our donors that the synagogue will retain in its general overhead costs, 10% of each donation, to cover the expenses of administering, supporting and making effective the relevant project.