On 13 February we celebrate Shabbat Shekalim, when we read an extra Torah portion about giving a donation to support the community.   

This Shabbat Shekalim we are relaunching our CHAI appeal to support the frontline NHS staff at the Royal Free and St Mary’s.

The hospitals know of our desire to help them as they struggle to deal with Covid cases during this 3rd lockdown and they have asked for the donated money to go to support INTENSIVE CARE STAFF with counselling and equipment for their demanding job.

The word CHAI means LIFE and its numerical equivalent is 18.  Jewish tradition suggests giving charity in multiples of CHAI so £18 or £1800 or anything in between would be really welcome.

We do advise all our donors that the synagogue will retain in its general overhead costs, 10% of each donation, to cover the expenses of administering, supporting and making effective the relevant project.