Festival Services

Evening festival service are usually held at 6.00pm and morning services at 11.00am, preceded by coffee and cake from 10.30am. At the end of every festival service there is a kiddush (blessing over wine).

      • Purim

      For families there is a Purim carnival, and for all we have a spirited reading of the Megillah (Esther), followed by a themed Spiel (show) performed by rabbis and wardens in fabulous costumes, and an ‘after party’. 

      2024 DATES:

      - Saturday 23 March, Erev Purim - Community Purim Party details to follow
      - Sunday 24 March, Purim

      • Pesach

      2024 DATES:

      - Monday 22 April - 1st NIGHT SEDER  - BOOK HERE
      - Tuesday 23 April - 1st DAY PESACH
      - Monday 29 April - 7th DAY PESACH

      • Mimouna

      - Monday 29 April

      • Shavuot

      The evening of Shavuot starts with an uplifting service, followed by a supper and then a ‘Shavuaton’ - a full night of inspiring study sessions. We welcome the first rays of morning with a roof-top sunrise service. The traditional 11am service commences with the community’s children dancing on rose petals in the Sanctuary, to release their perfume.

      2024 DATES:

      - Tuesday 11 June - TIKKUN LEYL SHAVUOT
      - Wednesday 12 June - SHAVUOT

      • Sukkot

        After the solemnity of the High Holy Days, we come together to build and decorate a communal sukkah (tabernacle). Each year we have a theme, and at an Open House service we welcome people of all faiths and none into the sukkah.

        2024 DATES:

        - Wednesday 16 October - EREV SUKKOT
        - Thursday 17 October - 1st Day SUKKOT

        • Simchat Torah

        At the end of the torah reading year, the torah scrolls are danced around the synagogue to joyous klezmer music. Congregants help unwind one scroll from one end of the Sanctuary to the other. The rabbis circumnavigate this scroll, reliving the journey from Genesis to Deuteronomy. A celebratory supper follows the evening service. The next morning the wardens at the end of their term of office are honoured.

        2024 DATES:

        - Wednesday 23 October - EREV SIMCHAT TORAH
        - Thursday 24 October - SIMCHAT TORAH

        • Chanukah

        The communal chanukkiah dates back to 1849, and we light it each night of Chanukah to mark the miracle of the light and the hope of good triumphing over evil. Each night of Chanukah is dedicated to a different constituent group of the community. There may be a rabbis’ drinks reception, a celebratory intergenerational Shabbat Chanukah service, a children’s doughnut party, area group meetings all over London where we light the chanukkiah in members’ homes, a young adults event, a tea party for our senior members.

        2024 DATES:

        - Wednesday 25 December - 1st Candle