One Sunday afternoon each month, West London Synagogue welcomes families who have been made destitute while seeking asylum in the UK. We provide a hot meal, grocery vouchers, clothing, companionship, and advice for parents and children who have fled life-threatening violence or persecution in the countries they are from. We count on volunteers from our community to provide a warm welcome, to people who are commonly shunned by the larger community as a consequence of the popular misconception that they are here by choice. 

How you can help: There are many ways to support our Drop-In Centre, from donating nappies and clothing (in good, wearable condition), to pitching in at the centre on the third Sunday of each month. Keep in mind that all of our volunteers were once first-timers, so inexperience need not be an impediment to your participation! All sessions run from 1:30pm through 5:00pm at WLS.

To volunteer, or enquire further, please contact: [email protected]