Patrilineal Jews

West London Synagogue was at the forefront of the 2016 change by the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK to recognise those with one Jewish parent as having inherited Jewish status, irrespective of the gender of that parent. What this means in practice, is that we can now include, rather than exclude those Jews who have a Jewish father (patrilineal Jews) but not a Jewish mother. This is a significant and timely change to the earlier matrilineal policy of Reform Judaism, not to mention the traditional Jewish approach since Roman times. It is worth noting that in biblical times, if someone had a Jewish father they were automatically Jewish. It is not altogether clear why Judaism transitioned from a patrilineal to matrilineal definition of Jewish status. Irrespective, in our quest to be an egalitarian and inclusive congregation, we are now 
proudly equilineal.  

If you have a Jewish father and want to belong to a congregation, but are not sure that you would be welcomed, please contact us to arrange to meet one of our rabbis. There are many ways that we can make you feel included in our community. Contact Rabbi David for more information.

Please note that if you are a patrilineal Jew and currently are member of any congregation within the World Union of Progressive Judaism, including any Reform or Liberal synagogue in the UK, you will automatically qualify for membership of West London Synagogue.