Dual Heritage

More and more Jews fall in love with someone who was not born Jewish. We welcome those non-Jewish spouses who “marry in” to Jewish families, rather than referring unfavourably to Jews as having “married out”. Therefore we are a natural home for a growing number of dual heritage families.   

Equally, we encourage a Jewish life at home, and participation in the community and in the synagogue, among our members and their loved ones in dual heritage families: 

  • we have a FRIENDS category of membership for non-Jewish spouses/relatives of our members. 
  • we are supporting our dual heritage families to launch a mixed-roots network in the community 
  • our Religion School is open to dual heritage families 
  • there are ways to include non-Jewish parents and relatives in bar/bat mitzvahs and baby blessings.  

If you would like more information or to discuss any of this with a rabbi, please contact Jenny Browning on 020 7535 0273.