• Cancer Support Group - Monthly, 7pm 

If any of our members has had, or currently has, cancer, we offer a complete caring and safe environment in which to share issues in total confidence with people who understand what you are going through. 

  • Carers' Support Group - Monthly, 2.30pm 

Sometimes the role of carer is overwhelming. It can be isolating and challenging, and it can be difficult to admit this to ourselves and to others. The sharing of experiences with others in the same position may enhance our ability to cope, and can make a tangible difference. Through this group, you will receive valuable advice and useful information, not to mention a safe place where you can socialise with others who often are struggling with the same kind of issues and who understand the challenges facing you.  

  • Cake Before Therapy Café - Bi-monthly, 6pm

The CBT Café is a successful and popular project devised in partnership between the West London Synagogue Social Care Team and our member, Emma Levinson, who founded her company, ‘Unravelling Minds’, with the aspiration of removing the stigma surrounding mental health. 
The CBT Café is a place for members of the community who have encountered mental ill health - either personally or in people close to them - to drop in and unwind over a nice cup of tea and delicious slice of cake, share experiences and learn. After all, mental health is for everyone, just like tea and cake! 

As well as these support groups, we run an excellent array of social events with the caring community at its heart.