As the flurry of holidays that have just passed subsides, we resume “ordinary Jewish life.” Over the last month or so, we have experienced the Autumn Holidays: Rosh Hashanah, with the primordial sound of the shofar; Yom Kippur, during which we confront our failings in penitential prayers, and our physical weakness in self-deprivation; Sukkot, whose fragile, temporary dwelling places remind us of the years of our wandering, and also of the fragility of the lives of people living today in so many parts of the world, and Simchat Torah, when we embrace our earliest traditions, dancing with our Torah scrolls in joyous celebration. It might be tempting to call the weeks that follow a bit of a let-down after such a concentrated dose of spiritual excitement. But just as we might distinguish between the joy of a wedding, which lasts a day, and a marriage, which lasts a lifetime, so too might we distinguish between the ecstasy of the penitential period and the joyous Autumn festivals, and the steady rhythm of Jewish life, which we hope will continue the spiritual discoveries of these recent weeks, bringing those special moments increasingly into contact with everyday life. This year’s exceptional challenges brought home to many of us the degree to which we value these holidays. And Judaism is more than a two day, or two-week religion. Now we have the opportunity to connect ourselves and our values to Judaism, and the remarkable community of WLS. Literally thousands of people watched our services on streaming video and enjoyed the wide variety of music, liturgy and wisdom that WLS provided, and now is a good time to enrich the year-round connection to our community. Although the majesty of our High Holiday services is a once-a-year phenomenon, our weekly services are beautiful and engaging. Attending weekly Shabbat services at WLS, whether virtually or in the sanctuary (when that becomes possible) is especially rewarding. We also offer a wide variety of opportunities to study and chat, in formal settings or informal gatherings with the rabbis and other members of our community. I suggest that you put the WLS events that interest you into your calendar and make your involvement a part of your weekly schedule.