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West London Synagogue welcomes families who have been made destitute while seeking asylum in the UK. We rely on volunteers to help provide a hot meal, grocery vouchers, clothing, toiletries, companionship, and advice for parents and children who have fled life-threatening violence or persecution in the countries they are from.   

There are many ways to support our Drop-In Centre, from donating nappies and food, to pitching in and volunteering here at the West London Synagogue. Keep in mind that all of our volunteers were once first-timers, so inexperience need not be an impediment to your participation! All sessions run from 1:30pm through 5:00pm at West London Synagogue on the third Sunday of every month. 

Asylum seekers face institutional poverty in the UK, which often hits children the hardest. They live in temporary accommodation, frequently moved across the city, if not the country, making it hard to build momentum in schooling and build networks of support and community. They receive a tiny stipend on which to live and regularly have to make impossible decisions between clothing, medicine, hygiene and food. 

With our support, and the support received from the wider network of synagogue and other asylum seeker Drop-Ins, we succeed in ameliorating this poverty for a short time whilst we support families to get the legal support that can change their status and get them on a path to establishing their lives in the UK. 

To volunteer, or enquire further, please contact Nic Schlagman  

Upcoming dates for 2022: 

Sunday 20 February  Sunday 14 August
Sunday 20 March Sunday 18 September
Sunday 10 April Sunday 23 October
Sunday 15 May Sunday 20 November
Sunday 19 June  Sunday 18 December 
Sunday 17 July

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