• Feeding Folk

This is an interfaith project designed to provide meals to London’s homeless on two Sundays a month. This remarkable project was set up by a group of young Muslim adults, initially running it from a home kitchen. Each month, we prepare 150-200 warm and healthy meals in the West London Synagogue kitchen, before packing them to deliver to Victoria, Camden, Marble Arch, and right across London, wherever they are needed. 

  • Peace by Piece Study Programme 

This brings together a group of Jews and Muslims for a year-long programme exploring Jewish and Muslim faith and culture facilitated by Rabbi Sybil Sheridan. This programme includes a five-day trip to Morocco to learn about the remarkable story of co-existence that underpins the endurance and success of this nation. For more information on how to enrol in the next programme please contact Rabbi Sybil Sheridan directly.  

  • Peace by Piece Youth Programme 

Our programme is about to celebrate its 8th birthday! Bringing together teenage students from both West London Synagogue, our students participate in a year-long series of meetings and educational trips to explore each other’s faiths and practices, and to learn about co-existence and community building. 

For more information, or to join our mailing lists, please email Nic Schlagman