LGBTQI+ asylum seekers in the UK face the same challenges that most asylum seekers face in the UK. In addition, they face further challenges since their sexual orientation means they often face discrimination from asylum seeker communities as well. 

West London Synagogue opens its doors once a month to provide a safe space for LGBTQI+ asylum seekers to feel a warm community welcome, to build community together, and to receive vital support whilst living in poverty awaiting a decision on their asylum application. 

At WLS we have recognised the unjust and compounded hardships for asylum seekers who are members of the LGBTQI+ community. We aim to create an environment where asylum seekers of the LGBTQI+ community can feel safe, supported, and comfortable.  

To volunteer, or enquire further, please contact Nic Schlagman.    

Upcoming dates for 2022:

Sunday 6 March Sunday 7 August 
Sunday 3 April  Sunday 4 September 
Sunday 8 May Sunday 2 October
Sunday 5 June Sunday 6 November
Sunday 3 July  Sunday 4 December